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How Solar Water Heater Works

How Solar Water Heater Works

The basic principle of how solar water heater works is actually very simple. Cold water is distributed to the surface to be heated by solar energy heated by solar panels. Hot water is transferred to a tank or transported through heat or its own pumps to allow more cold water to be heated. Built-in safety devices are also installed in the solar water heater to prevent excessive water heating, especially on a sunny day.

The solar collector is fitted with a wall facing the sun or ceiling, preheats liquid that is then circulated through an active SWH or convection propulsion in a passive system. The assemblers consist of an insulated box with a glass lid with black-painted metal profiles that are flat and mounted on copper pipes or several metal tubes surrounded by a glass (hollow) glass. The heat is stored in the padded water storage tank with an inlet and outlet connected to and outside the collector.

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